Youth Lacrosse Leagues

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Box Lacrosse League

November 27 – January 29
(No Class December 25 & January 1)

Tuesdays from 4:30-9:30pm
Middle School, JV, Varsity Divisions
(Game times will be in that order)

People can register teams, but all players pay $159. Teams will be created after registration closes for all players not registered to a team.

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The PLG is excited to announce the formation of the PBLL. The Premier Box Lacrosse League will provide players with an amazing lacrosse experience. In addition to the speed and excitement of box lacrosse, players in the league will see huge improvements in their stick skills, dodging, shooting, defense, decision-making – the list goes on! Experience 8 weeks of the most exciting lacrosse you’ve ever played!  *Please note that box lacrosse requires rib protection and bicep pads (usually attached to most shoulder pad sets). Spaces are limited. Players may join as individuals or with a registered team.

8v8 Lacrosse League

Session 1: November 18 – January 13
(No Class December 23 & 30)

Session 2: January 20 – March 10

Sundays between 10:00am – 4:00pm
Middle School (6th-8th), JV, Varsity Divisions

Players registered to a team pay $87.50. House team is $125 and includes jersey/coaching. Order of games is MS/JV/Var – teams will always play in the same 1-2 hour block.

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8v8 short field games combine the action of 7v7 with the concepts and strategies found in 10v10. By adding an extra midfield player, (2 Att, 3 M, 2 D, 1G) offenses learn the importance of triangle rotations while defenses are able to defend with a slide/recovery package not found in other small sided games. The shorter field and tight quarters improve player stick skills, lacrosse IQ, and decision making.

Premier Lacrosse Group at High Velocity Sports


The PLG Difference is not simply a slogan or catch phrase. The PLG Difference represents what we provide–a comprehensive program and system of lacrosse development for players. The PLG Difference represents years’ worth of coaching and playing experience from our network of professional high school and college coaches. The PLG Difference is evident in every player’s growth and development.

The PLG Difference is defined by our instructional-based training method. We train, we re-train, we correct, we improve, and we help our players excel by teaching them the fundamentals of the game including; how to properly catch, pass, shoot, dodge, defend and more. We create fundamentally sound lacrosse players with a strong lacrosse IQ and a solid understanding of the game.

The Premier Lacrosse Group believes it is critical for players to begin with the proper fundamentals from the first time he or she picks up a stick. The sooner a player experiences The PLG Difference, the more likely he/she is to develop to recognize his/her fullest potential. Our unparalleled dedication to coaching is driven by our passionate coaches with proven track records of coaching success. We deliver our superior training throughout the year, allowing lacrosse players at all levels become better, more confident athletes.

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