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Winter Season: Jan. 22 – Mar. 12

Registration Deadline: Jan. 10

  • 8 v 8 Leagues for Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity divisions
  • Games played on Sundays
  • Team fee: $995
  • House team fee: $120/player

Lacrosse Clinics

HVS is proud to announce a new partnership with Premier Lacrosse Group (PLG). With PLG, HVS can ensure top level coaching in all clinics and camps. PLG has become Metro-Detroit’s Premier lacrosse organization. For more information about PLG please visit

Clinics provide kids with a chance to learn the fundamentals of one of the fastest growing sports in the country! The classes focus on developing individual skills and game awareness.

Mouth Guard Required. Limited equipment (goggles & sticks) available to borrow each class.

Winter 2 LAX Clinics
Jan. 24 – Mar. 7

(HVS Membership Required)

Class NameGradeDayCostTime
Faceoff Clinic (5 weeks)9th – 12th (Coed)Mon. 2/6 – 3/6$1207:30pm
High School Shooting Clinic (5 weeks)9th – 12th (Boys)Mon. 2/6 – 3/6$1207:30pm
Beginners Lax (7 weeks)
5th – 9th (Coed)Tue. 2/7 – 3/7$1125:30pm
Intermediate Lax (7 weeks)5th – 12th (coed)Tue. 2/7 – 3/7$1125:30pm
Mini Stix (7 weeks)2nd – 4th (Coed)Tue. 2/7 – 3/7$1125:30pm
Middle School Box Lax (7 weeks)6th -8th (Boys)Tue. 2/7 – 3/7$1126:30pm
High School Junior Varsity Box Lax (7 weeks)9th – 12th (Boys)Tue. 2/7 – 3/7$1126:30pm
High School Varsity Box Lax(7 weeks)9th – 12th (Boys)Tue. 2/7 – 3/7$1127:30pm