Box Lacrosse Clinics

Winter 2 2021: January 21 – March 11
8 weeks – $160 session
6:30pm – 7:30pm (Middle School)
7:30pm – 8:30pm (High School)

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What do the majority of the Top-20 scorers in NCAA lacrosse have in common? They all play box lacrosse. Develop the stick skills and lacrosse IQ that box lacrosse teaches. Training sessions will feature fast paced, box-specific training combined with scrimmage time. Players will develop stick skills, transition offense and defense, scoring ability, and lacrosse IQ.

Box goalie pads are available to use. Goalies also receive 75% off dues.

Learn from the best: At the University of Maryland, Coach Martinello was a 2x All-American and Scoring Leader. He was a #1 Draft Pick, a member of Team Canada, a 2x All-Pro, MVP, and ranks #1 All-Time in Assists for the Detroit Turbos. He won 8 Consecutive Division titles as coach of the Windsor Clippers, and was recently inducted into the Windsor Hall of Fame for his vast success as both a player and coach.

Advanced Shooting Clinics

Winter 2 2021: January 14 – March 3
8 weeks – $240 session
Tuesdays 5:30pm – 6:30pm

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Learn the skills that helped Coach Greaney lead all of NCAA DII in goals and goals per game (2007). Players will learn how to increase power and accuracy, and will have their form analyzed/improved using our slow-motion video analysis tools. Clinics are limited to 15 participants to ensure maximum individual attention. This clinic will reach capacity – register today.

*Please note that this clinic is intended for players with a proficient skillset. Players who are new to the game can learn the fundamentals of shooting and other skills in the Beginner Skill Development clinics.

Beginners / Mini Stix

Winter 2 2021: January 21 – March 11
8 weeks – $128
5:30pm – 6:30pm

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Mini Stix (Boys/Girls – Grades 1st – 4th)

This exciting clinic provides an introduction to lacrosse for young players. Using soft sticks and balls, this clinic teaches the fundamentals of the sport with fun, safe, and exciting games and drills. No equipment necessary.

Beginner Skill Development (Boys/Girls Grades 5th-9th)

This exciting clinic introduces lacrosse to new players. Players will learn the fundamentals of the sport with fun, safe, and exciting games and drills. Players are welcome to bring their own sticks or they can borrow one for the class.

Premier Lacrosse Group at High Velocity Sports


The PLG Difference is not simply a slogan or catch phrase. The PLG Difference represents what we provide–a comprehensive program and system of lacrosse development for players. The PLG Difference represents years’ worth of coaching and playing experience from our network of professional high school and college coaches. The PLG Difference is evident in every player’s growth and development.

The PLG Difference is defined by our instructional-based training method. We train, we re-train, we correct, we improve, and we help our players excel by teaching them the fundamentals of the game including; how to properly catch, pass, shoot, dodge, defend and more. We create fundamentally sound lacrosse players with a strong lacrosse IQ and a solid understanding of the game.

The Premier Lacrosse Group believes it is critical for players to begin with the proper fundamentals from the first time he or she picks up a stick. The sooner a player experiences The PLG Difference, the more likely he/she is to develop to recognize his/her fullest potential. Our unparalleled dedication to coaching is driven by our passionate coaches with proven track records of coaching success. We deliver our superior training throughout the year, allowing lacrosse players at all levels become better, more confident athletes.

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