For the purpose of its league games, High Velocity Sports will use Michigan High School Basketball Rules. However, in all cases during play, specific High Velocity Sports league rules will override the High School Rules.


Any team using an ineligible player in any authorized league game, upon protest of the individual’s eligibility by an opposing team or High Velocity Sports staff member shall forfeit the game(s) in which the individual has participated. Specific eligibility rules are listed below:

A. All players must be eighteen (18) to be eligible to participate in Adult Leagues, unless approved by the High Velocity Sports athletic Staff.

B. Roster Requirements: 5×5 leagues – 8 player minimum, 4×4 leagues – 6 player minimum.

C. No player is allowed to participate on more than one team in his/her respective division, but may play in different divisions or leagues simultaneously.

D. No player may participate until his/her Membership card/liability waiver and appropriate individual player fee are submitted to High Velocity Sports.

E. Due to eligibility regulations, members of high school/college basketball teams cannot participate in a High Velocity program anytime during their high school basketball season.

F. No player may play under an assumed name.

G. Players may not be added after the Player Add date, which is before the start of the third game.

H. Players must participate in at least three (3) regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.


A protest will be accepted on the basis of eligibility. Any team captain/coach may lodge a protest of eligibility under the provisions listed below:

A. Any protest of eligibility must be made before, during, or within 5 minutes after the conclusion of the game.

B. In the case of an eligibility protest, rosters will be on site.

C. Players(s) in question must present a picture I.D. to verify their eligibility.

D. High Velocity staff will make the final decisions regarding protests.

E. If a protest of eligibility is upheld, the violating team will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player(s) participated. (Please see policies & procedures for rule violations).

F. Any player who is judged to have played illegally shall be suspended for a minimum of four games from any team that he/she is a valid member of. The coach of the team for which a player plays illegally will also be suspended for a minimum of four games. As all other suspensions, suspensions of this nature will carry over into the next season if not completed during the current season.

G. All High Velocity rulings are final. Protests of eligibility not covered in this rule shall be handled by the High Velocity athletic director in the spirit of these rules.


Teams may enter the gymnasium area fifteen (15) minutes before their scheduled game for that night. Please do not enter court area until previous games have been completed.


Prior to the start time of the game, teams will have a five(5) minute warm-up period on their assigned court beginning at their schedule game time. Note: If a game is running behind schedule, the referee may wave the five minute warm-up period. Use of courts reserved for pick-up games is prohibited.


A. Teams are recommended to be at their court five (5) minutes prior to their scheduled game time.

B. A five (5) minute grace period will be instituted if one or both teams are not ready to begin play at the assigned time. If at the conclusion of this five minute grace period one of the teams are not ready to begin play, a forfeit will be declared. The five minute grace period start’s at the time the court has been assigned for your game, not at the end of the warm-up period.

C. To start a game, teams must have at least one fewer players than the particular league that they are participating in, (e.g. 5-on-5 games must have at least 4 players per team to start play, 4-on-4 must have 3 players, etc.). However, if a team has no substitutions to replace disqualified players, it may continue with fewer than 4. When there is only one (1) player participating for a team, the team forfeits the game unless the referee believes that the team has an opportunity to win the game.

D. If a forfeit is determined due to lack of players, and if both teams desire, the teams scheduled to play at this time still have the rights to the court and may play a scrimmage or pick-up game which will not count in the standings. Note: scrimmage games will not be officiated.


For all leagues, courts will be assigned for games in one (1) hour time slots. Upon completion of your game you may stay on the court until (10) minutes before the start of the next scheduled game.


In addition to the roster High Velocity has on file, all captains/coaches must verbally submit the games active line-up to the scorekeeper five (5) minutes before game time. All team members must check-in with the scorekeeper during the warm-up period and present their Drivers License for roster verification.


Only the captain/coach may address the official. Players may only address the official through their captain/coach.


There will be no protests on official’s judgment decisions. Protests involving rule interpretations of the game must be brought to the attention of the head official & scorekeeper at the time of the dispute.


A coach’s or player’s second ejection of the season will result in an automatic two game suspension, the third ejection will result in a three game suspension, etc. This suspension will also carry over in to the next season if there are not enough games in the current season to complete the full suspension. Zero Tolerance – No Fighting – player will receive an automatic league suspension without refund. Any player ejected from the game for fighting shall be suspended a minimum of two (2) games. The officials shall report all such incidents to the league director. All appeals or protests of suspensions must be given to the league director in writing. Final decisions regarding suspension and ejections are up to the league director. If a player receives a season or indefinite suspension, High Velocity Sports reserves the right, to suspend that player for any/all leagues that player is participating in for that season. No refunds will be issued to teams/players suspended.


The purpose of this rule is to provide guidelines for officials and coaches as to their responsibilities during a contest should an injury or illness occur which results in a player losing blood or other bodily fluids.

A. As soon as the game official can see or has their attention called to a player who is bleeding, they are to stop the contest as soon as possible.

B. The player must leave the game at that point. The custodian on duty or the building supervisor will be responsible for cleaning up the floor if necessary.

C. The injured player must have the wound cleaned up, bleeding stopped and wound covered before being allowed to re-enter the game.

D. The injured player must re-enter the game as a substitute by rule.


High Velocity Sports reserves the right to remove any spectator(s) from the facility during basketball games for the purpose of public safety. Spectator(s) will be removed due to disparaging language and/or unsportsmanlike conduct which interferes with the normal and efficient running of the game. Please be advised that captains can be held responsible for their spectators conduct.


A team moving – up to a higher division will be determined at the discretion of the athletic office. The decision will be based on the team’s previous season(s) performance and current team roster.


A. No “equipment” or jewelry may be worn by players. The only exceptions to this rule are: flat wedding bands may be worn if covered with tape and (or) religious or medical necklaces which must be securely taped underneath the team uniform. Also, no headbands wider than 2 inches or any form of cloth bandannas/rags are permitted under any circumstance.

B. Earrings are not allowed in any situation. Players must remove their earrings to participate in the High Velocity leagues. Players cannot tape earrings, they must remove them.

C. It is the responsibility of each manager to make sure his/her players are adhering to this rule.


All forms of tobacco, alcoholic beverages and food are prohibited in the gymnasium areas. All violators will be asked to leave the area.


For information regarding the cancellation of all league games, please call High Velocity Sports at (734) HV-SPORT.


Do not leave any valuables unattended at High Velocity Sports. HVS is not responsible for any loss or theft of personnel items.


High Velocity Sports reserves the right to classify the level of play for any team registering in our basketball league.


A. Any team that forfeits two games in a given season, with the exception of forfeits resulting from the use of ineligible players or having an insufficient number of players to play because of an ejection, will forfeit all their remaining games unless the offending team pays a league re-entry fee of $50.00.

B. A team must pa the re-entry fee at High Velocity Sports within seven days of their second forfeit. A reminder will be sent only as a courtesy measure to remind a team of its second forfeit. If a team is not sure of their number of forfeits will be up to them to contact High Velocity Sports.


For technical fouls, refer to the MHSAA basketball rule book. Referees have been instructed to handle technical fouls in the same manner they would during high school games. As a reminder:

A. No taunting will be allowed. Referees have been instructed to call technical fouls in situations where players are taunting their opponents.

B. Dunking is allowed, hanging on the rim is not allowed. Please do not abuse this courtesy extended by High Velocity Sports. If rim damage occurs, High Velocity will be forced to revoke this rule.

C. Arguing (player or coach) with an official in an unsportsmanlike manner is prohibited. A regular technical foul will be assessed for both A and B. Note: If a player or coach is whistled to two (2) technicals in a game, they will be ejected from the contest and must leave the building.

D. After a players’ third technical foul in a season, he/she will be suspended for one game. Every second technical foul after that will merit an additional game suspension. This applies to the regular season as well as the playoffs.

E. Fighting between two players will result in a flagrant technical foul and immediate ejection.


Only eligible players, captains and a scorekeeper will be allowed on the team’s bench or surrounding area. All spectators and children must sit in the designated spectator area, with adequate supervision. Failure to comply will result in a technical foul being assessed and the removal of unauthorized bench personnel to the spectator area.


A. Technical fouls will be assessed for any vulgar, disparaging or threatening language and (or) gestures, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct from a benched player, player/coach or manager.

B. Coaches, a scorekeeper and other bench personnel must remain seated on the bench at all times. The exceptions to this rule are players rising in front of their bench to spontaneously react to an outstanding play by a teammate or to acknowledge a replaced player. A technical foul will be assessed for infractions of this rule.

(Reminders, Clarifications and Specific High Velocity Rules)

Player Check-in:   Prior to the start of the game, each player must individually sign in at the scores table. A Drivers License will need to be available upon request. This is to insure that players on the roster are the players that are about to play in the game.

Number of Players Needed to Begin Game:   See Game Forfeit procedures.

Uniform Requirements:   To participate in High Velocity leagues, each player must have a numbered shirt of jersey, each team is required to either provide their own uniforms or purchase a reversible mesh jersey available at High Velocity Sports. (Again every player must have a numbered shirt or jersey to be eligible to participate in the game.)

Forfeits:   See Game Forfeit procedures.

Jump Ball:   There will be a jump ball to start the game. After that, the alternating possession rule will be in effect for all jump ball situations.

Alternating Possessions:   Teams will alternate ball possession for jump ball situations & at the start of the half.

Warm-up Period:   A five (5) minute warm-up period will be allowed before the start of each game. Note: if games are running behind schedule, the referee may waive the warm-up period in order to get the games back on schedule.

Team Spokesperson:   The on-court playing captain/coach of the team will be the sole spokesperson of the team. He/she is the only person that may discuss a game situation with the referee/scorekeeper.

**Game Length:   Two (2) twenty minute halves, with a running clock except in the last one (1) minute of the first half & last two (2) minutes of the second half and during time-outs. The clock will not stop if a team is ahead by sixteen points or more in the second half of the game.

Half Time:   There will be a three-minute break at half time. The referees will enforce this rule strictly. Teams not on the court and ready to play at the end of this break will be charged with a technical foul for every minute (1) they delay the start of the second half.

Time outs:   Each team will have on sixty second (60 sec.) time out and one twenty second (20 sec.) time out per half. Time-outs do not carry over, unless there are extra from the fourth quarter, going into over time.

Ceiling:   High Velocity ceiling and beams are out of bounds. As a reminder, the sides of the backboard are in play, and the top of the backboard is out of bounds.

Mercy Rule:   If at the ten (10) minute mark of the second half a team is losing by forty (40) or more points, the game will be declared a mercy. However, if the team trailing by forty (40) would still like to continue, they must express this desire to referee who will continue the game.

Dunking:   High Velocity will allow dunking on all courts during league play. However, the referees have been instructed to assess technical fouls to any player(s) hanging on the rim.

Player and Team Fouls:   As a reminder, players will be allowed five (5) personal fouls before they are disqualified from the game (foul out). The “bonus” situation will occur when a team is charged with their seventh (7th) team foul of the half. All bonus situations will be treated as a one and one. 10th team foul results in a 2 shot foul situation for the rest on the half.

* Losing Team- If a team is losing by 16 or more the clock will keep running.

* Fouled while shooting a 3 pointer- If a player is fouled while shooting a 3-point shot:

a. If the 3-pointer is made, the shooter is awarded one free-throw.

b.If the 3-pointer is missed, the shooter is awarded three (3) free-throws.

Player Substitution:   As a reminder, player’s may substitute for a teammate at any dead ball situation. Players entering the game must first check in at the scorekeeper’s table.

Overtime:   The length of the first overtime will be three (3) minutes with a stopped clock in the last one (1) minute. There will be one (1) twenty second (20) time-out in overtime, per team. Second overtime will be one (1) minute in length with a stopped clock. Third overtime will consist of a jump ball with the first team to score (score being a free-throw, 3-pointer, or 2-point shot) to be declared the winning team.

Tie Breakers:   If at the end of the season teams are tied with identical records, the first tie breaker will be head to head competition. The second tiebreaker will be point differential in the games the two teams in question played against one another. The third tiebreaker will be total points scored throughout the entire season for the teams in question.

New Rule:   No free throws for double technical or simultaneous technical fouls by opponents. Play resumes with an alternating possession throw-in at the division line opposite the table.

4×4 Basketball League Ten Second Rule and Over and Back Rule:   There is no over and back rule for the men’s 4×4 basketball league. In addition, there is also no ten-second rule for the men’s 4×4 basketball league.

Free Throw Line Up Rule:   There are only six total players allowed to line up during a free throw. Of these six players, there are only three players allowed from each team. The defensive team is allowed three players while the offensive team is allowed the free throw shooter and two other players.


“Taunting includes any actions or comments by coaches, players, or spectators which are intended to bait, anger, embarrass, ridicule or demean others, whether or not the deeds or words are vulgar or racist. Included is conduct that berates needles, intimidates or threatens based on race, gender, ethnic origin or background, and conduct that attack religious beliefs, size, economic status, speech, family special needs or personal manners.”

“Examples of taunting that would lead to ejection include but are not limited to, “trash talk”: physical intimidation outside the spirit of the game; reference to sexual orientation;’ in the face’ confrontation by one player to another; standing over/straddling a tackled or fallen player.”

“In all sports, officials are to consider taunting a flagrant unsportsmanlike foul that disqualifies the offending bench personnel or contestant from that contest/day of competition (and the next contest/day of competition). A warning may be given but is not required before ejection.”

“At all MHSAA tournament venues, tournament management may give spectators one warning for taunting. Thereafter, spectators who taunt others are to be ejected by security.”